A New Location for Vistec GraphX and Marketing

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Vistec GraphX and Marketing is excited to announce WE HAVE MOVED! We have been afforded the opportunity to grow into another location, as we continue to expand as a business. Our current operating facilities have been great for many years, and have served us well. After starting out as solely a print and graphic design shop, Vistec has quickly gained momentum in the online and mobile marketplaces. The visionary expanse of the business needs a new, larger space to grow. We are now looking to the bright future of the company, with moving to a facility that will allow room for growth, expansion, and still conveniently located in uptown with plenty of parking for our clients.


Vistec GraphX and Marketing

701 Morris St

Charlotte, NC 28202

(off Morehead & Cedar behind the Panther’s Stadium)

Google Maps link: http://goo.gl/maps/kT1jk

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